Scitent was founded in 1995 to bring compelling, relevant multimedia education to market and, in fact, Scitent created one of the first websites, CardioVillage, that provided online continuing education for healthcare providers.

With in-house experts in instructional design, course development, distribution and LMS technology, sales and marketing, eCommerce and customer support, Scitent helps nonprofits, associations, healthcare organizations and for-profits foster and grow their eLearning business.



Improve our global community through partnerships that advance education, innovation and social responsibility.


Be THE partner of choice for organizations ready to share their knowledge and ingenuity across the globe. We will be the expert partner that everyone wants to work with — because we do great work, have great people, have fun doing what we do, do things for the right reasons and can get the work done.

About Scitent's Value

Our Approach

4Ds of elearning


Many organizations experience underwhelming eLearning success. If you want to achieve greatness, you have to dream big. At Scitent, we help map out your vision, so your eLearning program reaches your ultimate eLearning dream.


The content is ready. Now you have to deliver it to your learners in an environment branded to your organization and capable of leveraging the best that SEO, social media and eCommerce have to offer. Scitent’s PROPEL™ solution builds your eLearning business.



Design is more than visual. Design should incorporate adult learning principles into all programs. Scitent’s design team ensures your eLearning is interactive, responsive and dynamic, leveraging micro, personalized and social learning.


Now that you have your eLearning online, how do you drive traffic and new business? New audiences mean a profitable and expanding business. Let PROPEL™ distribution technology and services drive your online courses into new markets, even if you already have an existing LMS.


Deb McMahon CEO

Deb McMahon
President and CEO, PhD

Vicky Mossman VP Partner Development
Vicky Mossman
VP, Partner Development

Caroline March-Long VP of Sales and Marketing
Caroline March-Long
VP, Sales and Marketing

Jamie Conklin, VP of Operations
Jamie Conklin
VP, Operations

Team Leaders

Robert Sublett Director of Sales
Robert Sublett
Director of Sales

Joe Ruoto Director of Programs
Joe Ruoto
Director of Product Management

Katy Mullin Director of Course Development
Katy Mullin
Director of Course Development