Scitent’s Extended Enterprise White Paper

Unleash Your eLearning Content: Grow Beyond the LMS

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Online Education LMS

We take your course-ready content, design it to meet the needs of your learners and utilize PROPEL’s distribution technology and services to sell your online education courses on a much larger scale — either directly to new consumers or via partners, resellers or distribution networks. Leveraging our 20 years experience in online education, we help you build an eLearning business to place you at the forefront of the online education field.
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Courses Built for Performance and Results

Having content is an important first step. But, Scitent offers an approach and methodology that ensures you develop an online education course that results in measurable knowledge and performance improvement through inspired, social and personalized learning. Scitent’s team can integrate a variety of instructional design techniques into your course design to ensure your learners are engaged, confident and competent.Learn More…

Scitent’s Online Education Solutions

You’ve moved your content online. You might even have an LMS. But, an LMS is only one part of a successful eLearning ecosystem.

At Scitent, we help organizations extend eLearning outside the four walls and build an eLearning business for sustainable revenue.

Turn eLearning Disruption to Your Advantage

eLearning may not cause a collapse of your business or mission, but if you don’t fully embrace it, you may find yourself in the “too-little-too-late” category.

Scitent’s roadmap will help you reach your destination of providing quality digital education to your membership and customers—and beyond.