PROPEL™ Enterprise + Distribute combines market-leading distribution and LMSx technology with critical support services to help grow your eLearning business.
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Organizations need more than technology to grow their eLearning reach, revenue and brand. Scitent offers key business support services to turn your eLearning dream into reality.
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Is your learning content trapped in your LMS? Let Scitent’s Extended Enterprise solution help you grow beyond your existing LMS and reach more audiences.
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Our Approach

dream elearning
Many organizations experience underwhelming eLearning success. If you want to achieve greatness, you have to dream big. At Scitent, we help map out your vision, so your eLearning program reaches your ultimate eLearning dream.

Design eLearning
Design is more than visual. Design should incorporate adult learning principles into all programs. Scitent’s design team ensures your eLearning is interactive, consumable on multiple platforms, highly customizable for each learner and dynamic.

deliver elearning
The content is ready. Now you have to deliver it to your learners in an environment branded to your organization and capable of leveraging the best that SEO, social media and eCommerce have to offer. Scitent’s PROPEL™ solution builds your eLearning business.

distribute elearning
Now that you have your eLearning online, how do you drive traffic and new business? New audiences mean a profitable and expanding business. Let PROPEL™ distribution technology and services drive your online courses into new markets, even if you already have an existing LMS.

4Ds of elearning

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Your expert content differentiates you. Scitent’s eLearning distribution and LMSx technology differentiates us.


Let’s build a more powerful eLearning business together.

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Online Learning

An LMS is just the first step in building an eLearning business. Look to Scitent’s unique eLearning distribution technology and in-house experts to deliver both the technology and business support services needed for a successful eLearning business. You can keep your existing LMS, but extend your reach, revenue and reputation with PROPEL™ distribution technology and services.

You have the content. You may even have some eLearning courses.
But, is your eLearning business growth flat?

See how Scitent can help you grow an eLearning business with PROPEL™ distribution and LMSx technology and critical business support services for sustained eLearning business growth.


American Heart Association AHA uses Scitent’s LMS and distribution technology and services to deliver online courses across the globe.
American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAS launches the Career Development Center with Scitent course development, sales and marketing, LMS and distribution technology.
University of Virginia Since 1995, Scitent has provided UVA with eLearning design, LMS and distribution technology, marketing services and customer support for a range of online learning programs.
Social Media Today Scitent’s marketing team helped with database management, email marketing, streamlined UX and marketing automation.
CardioVillage Scitent delivers the LMS and distribution technology for this leading online website for cardiology CME.
American Medical Informatics Association Scitent developed a premium online course for a yearly Board Exam, called CIBRC Online Plus, and continues to provide LMS technology and business support services.
TMCI Global Scitent develops courses and delivers the LMS and distribution technology for this groundbreaking educational site.
Newborn Screening Education Scitent develops courses to provide healthcare professionals and institutions with certified continuing medical, along with LMS technology and business support services.

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