White Paper Series

The Art & Value of Building Credentialed
or Certified eLearning Programs

Credentialed or certified eLearning programs can offer a real strategic advantage for your organization. Where should you start? This white paper gathers all the preliminary questions you need to answer, plus best practices for a successful approach to this challenging process. Most importantly, you’ll learn – before you begin – whether creating credentialed or certified content is the right move for you.


A Peek at What’s Inside:

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Credentialing Content

  • 1

    What are your
    learning objectives?

  • 2

    Who is your target audience?

  • 3

    Is your content

  • 4

    Have you identified a faculty member who is an expert in the field?

  • 5

    Is the topic relevant to the organization that is certifying the content?

  • 6

    Does your company or organization have the expertise to handle this project?

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