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Businesses of all types are seeking to create new channels of revenue. Many have found they can leverage their investments in online courses and learning technology to tap into new sources of income. By taking eLearning content to new learners through channels partners, they not only generate surplus revenue; they also extend their company brand beyond its traditional reach.

There are THREE key components to a fully realized extended enterprise for eLearning:

First Component

Identify and develop distribution channels that are ready and willing to resell your organization’s content

Second Component

Use technology to distribute and easily manage course sales

Third Component

Leverage business support services, including marketing, sales, financial services and reporting, customer support and project management

Scitent’s Extended Enterprise

A fully realized extended enterprise allows your valuable investment – your content and intellectual property – to reach new and broader audiences, and avoid trapping content in an LMS.

Just as with an LMS, a successful extended enterprise requires more than technology to grow a thriving business. It needs the right combination of valuable content and channel marketing – as well as distribution technology.

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Extended Enterprise

White Paper

Until recently, a company’s eLearning content has generally been confined to its employees or members.
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