Scitent eLearning Services

Business Development & Analytics

Scitent works with organizations to review and assess the health of their online learning business. From this assessment, organizations can begin to adjust their sales, marketing and pricing strategies for better success. Scitent’s business development professionals help build and execute on a distribution strategy to sell courses on a much wider scale and through partners and resellers.

Sales and Marketing

Scitent’s in-house sales and marketing team offers a range of support services that help your organization promote and sell its on-demand courses to new learners. Scitent utilizes business development, channel marketing, web/graphic design and digital marketing best practices to help you reach target audiences with on-target messaging and captivating visuals – for maximum conversions.

eLearning Customer Support

Scitent provides a full service call center well versed in resolving any technical issues regarding purchasing or taking an online course. With a 98% resolution track record and the ability to handle large volume, Scitent’s call center and customer support team will ensure your customer or member learning experience is top-notch.

Course Design & Development

Scitent has a team of instructional designers and course developers ready to build courses that meet learner needs. Our approach and methodology ensures you develop an on-demand course that results in measurable knowledge and performance improvement. We utilize a variety of instructional design techniques for course development including CE/MOC learning, microlearning, personalized learning and social learning.

Financial Services & Reporting

Scitent can handle the financial processing and payment function for your online learning business, providing monthly and quarterly reports which show the health and profitability of your program. Scitent is versed in handling financial services for both domestic and global purchases and any invoicing and other bulk purchase needs your customers may need.

Hosting & Software Development

Scitent uses agile methodologies and end user feedback for technology and software development. This practice enables us to effectively manage work for our teams and provides the highest value products to our clients. Scitent also supplies enterprise level hosting through premier partners, providing our clients with a reliable and scalable online learning platform.

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Sales and Marketing for Your eLearning Programs

If you want your course sales and eLearning revenue to increase, it’s essential to have a clear strategy, coordinated multi-channel campaigns and business development working in tandem.

Scitent’s in-house sales and marketing team makes sure your eLearning products reach target audiences through coordinated, precise and measurable campaigns — with a clear ROI.

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marketing services

Marketing and Creative Services

Does your eLearning program need stronger communications, design or digital marketing to reach customers and new learners? more…View a PDF on Scitent’s Marketing and Creative Services

instructional design services

Instructional Design and Course Development

Scitent offers the design and methodology to develop engaging eLearning courses for performance improvement. more…Read our PDF on Scitent’s Instructional design and course development


Learning Can Be More Impactful in Smaller Bites

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