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Digital marketing via email, social media and search engine marketing is a valuable and effective strategy; but, if not done right, it can be expensive. If you want your digital marketing campaigns to be successful, it’s essential to have a clear strategy, coordinated multi-channel campaigns and ongoing assessments and improvements based on data-driven analytics. We make sure your digital marketing campaigns are coordinated, precise, measurable and profitable.

Effective marketing communications starts with a powerful story that is authentic, credible and engaging. Scitent’s public relations and social media experts work to amplify your voice and reach and impact your target audience. At the heart of this effort is creating content that brings forward your thought leadership and connects with media, bloggers and other influencers who want to help spread the word.

Design impacts every form of marketing today. It’s at the heart of user-centered web design, successful email marketing and social media advertising, to name a few. Scitent’s creative team designs with your messaging, audience and mission in mind, and we take your brand very seriously. Look to Scitent to design or reinvigorate your brand and make it your most powerful asset.

A marketing database is only as good as the quality of its contacts. Scitent makes sure your database of contacts stays valid, segmented and aligned with your marketing campaigns and customer relationship management strategy. If you’re using Analytics properly, you’ll be able to view, assess and act on intel from your digital marketing campaigns. Scitent makes sure that digital marketing efforts are trackable, measurable and profitable.

A business and channel development plan remain nothing more than a plan unless you have an experienced eLearning sales team to bring it to life. Scitent’s business development team identifies organizations for bulk course sales and develops channel partners for sales through resellers, affiliates and other distributors of your content – leading to the growth and success of your eLearning business.

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