Having content is an important first step. But Scitent offers an approach and methodology that ensures you develop an online learning course that results in measurable knowledge and performance improvement.

Scitent’s Learning Centered Design

1Learning Objectives

Scitent starts each project by matching course learning objectives against core methods that are rooted in optimal instructional design, competency alignment, mastery learning and spaced practice to promote retention.


2Performance Measurement

Once the course design strategy is set, Scitent works with subject matter experts (SMEs) to align your organization’s body of knowledge and develop user-specific instructional plans. Our goal is to build content in ways that measure learner performance and competence after course completion – ensuring maximum retention and application of learning.


3Adaptive Learning

Scitent goes a step further. Using adaptive approaches, Scitent’s course design allows learners to test their knowledge all along the way, so that instructional plans can be updated in real-time based on learner performance within their specific body of knowledge.


Developing Learning Experiences for Better Performance

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive, gamification, microlearning and social learning are all on the table. Scitent develops and designs content to improve the learner experience and learning outcomes. Scitent will work with your organization to improve leaner performance through a variety of engaging methods.

Mastery Learning

Mastery Learning involves pre-testing knowledge, focusing instruction and practice on knowledge gaps and testing for retention. You can count on Scitent to deliver adaptive learning plans and spaced practice to ensure your learners are attaining maximum retention – in preparation for high-stakes examinations or board certifications.

Study Planners

Study planners help prepare a learner for certification and high-stakes testing. Notifications within the study planner trigger personalized study recommendations. And, spaced reminders tied to an individual’s unique schedule and based upon their anticipated certification timeline prompt micro content for continued practice and retention

Course and Business Analytics

Course and business analytics are provided so that each training and learning leader can track the success of their courses, learner progress & engagement and the health of their online learning business.

Certification Training

Certification training is our specialty.  We have 20 years’ experience developing courses certified for CME, CE and MOC credit.

Adaptive Learning

A personalized dashboard identifies strengths and weaknesses in knowledge comprehension, allowing the learner to hone in on modules or topics that will boost understanding and lead to post-test success.

View Sample Dashboard View a sample dashboard


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