Keeping Up With Your Members, Part Two…


In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of providing content for your member base that is relevant, accessible (on multiple devices) and that provides the learner with badges or certificates to show their increasing level of knowledge. In this post we will address ways to stay in-the-loop with current trends by collecting feedback, as well as assessing your member wants and needs.

How can we stay ahead of current trends while best meeting the needs of our member base?

FeedbackSurveys are an excellent tool with which to ask members for their thoughts.  Periodically collecting feedback will help your association stay current with the desires of your membership, and can assist with making course corrections when needed.

There are a multitude of ways to keep a pulse on your membership, from very simple things like a quick poll on your Facebook page, or utilizing an online survey service that allows you to customize the questions and answers, to a more involved process of creating a survey on your own website that allows your members to provide feedback.

No matter the survey format used, some things to ask members could be along the lines of:

  • Is the association providing information on the topics that are important to the learner?
  • What kind of topics/learning do they want to see?
  • Is the content being delivered in a format that is technologically updated?
  • Is the content engaging and relevant to the learner?  
  • Can the learners access the information when they want to?
  • Would the learner recommend your association to a colleague?

Of course, once you have all this data collected, you have to do something with it.  If you’re using one of the online survey services, you’ll likely get your feedback in nice easy-to-read graphs and charts that will make it simpler to understand what your members are telling you.  Or, utilizing a spreadsheet to compile the data and create your own charts will provide you with a customized view of the results. Be sure to save results to compare and contrast with future surveys so you can spot trends over time.  Just be sure to take all that valuable data and use it to inform future decisions and to consistently improve the experience for your members and larger community.

PulseKeeping tabs on the pulse of your members and larger community will allow your association to understand their needs and wants and will allow you to course correct when necessary – keeping your content and purpose relevant, and your association fresh in their minds as a trusted source.

Share your thoughts. What kind of ways do you engage with your member base and glean insights from them?




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