Learners of the Future

Keeping Up With Your Members…Part One


Learners of the Future

Looking into the future and beyond, it is vital to adjust, quickly and often, to meet the needs of your members and the community at large.   If you want your association to continue holding the interest and trust of your members, providing content that is relevant and delivered in the format they prefer is imperative.

So, what can your association do to stay relevant and in the forefront of your member’s minds?

ThinkingProvide content and training that is relevant, engaging and up-to-date, showing your members that you are on the cutting edge and always paying attention.  Consistently updating your content and providing thought leadership will keep you in the forefront of your industry.

Mobile friendly devicesEnsure that the content is delivered in the ways the members want to receive it…mobile-friendly and accessible is always key.  People in this day and age want 24/7 instant access that suits their schedule, so make sure that your member who wants to watch a video course at 3 a.m. on their cell phone can do so without issue.  Also ensure that your organization is responsive to questions and concerns. They have to know you are listening, and more importantly, addressing their feedback.


Be sure to provide badges or certification so the learner can document their advancement of knowledge, if part of the content you’re providing for your members and the larger community is training.  Learners today want tangible proof of their accomplishments, and badges and certificates are a way for them to collect and display their knowledge. That certificate also keeps your association fresh in their minds as the place to go for future knowledge needs, and can also spark their colleagues and friends to inquire about your association’s educational offerings as well.

So, are you doing everything you can to keep up with your members to ensure that you are meeting their ever-changing needs?  We’ll talk more about what you can do stay in step with the trends and needs of your members in our next blog post!

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