[Video] Making the Call on Customer Support

By Paul Summers, Customer Service Manager at Scitent

Part of the appeal of online learning is that it’s convenient and available whenever the learner is. But, that means organizations that offer online learning must have the resources to provide the necessary customer support as well – via email, live chat and on the phone.

Even the most stellar content will be overshadowed by a poor customer service interaction. Research supports the need for a high level of customer service. According to a report by American Express, 58% of buyers are willing to spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service. Additionally, 73% of consumers say friendly customer service reps can make them “fall in love” with a brand.

Every aspect of your eLearning program is a reflection of your brand, and a chance to earn loyalty. A good (or bad) resolution can have an immediate impact on a learner’s impression. Consequently, your customer service goal should be twofold: First, provide a seamless, frustration-free experience for the learner. Second, resolve 100% of the problems your users encounter.

Despite its importance, setting up an in-house call center to support online learning is a daunting task for most organizations. That’s why Scitent provides a full-service call center solution to our partners as part of our included business support services. Our customer service agents act as an extension of your organization, answering learner questions, both online and via telephone.

Partnering with Scitent provides valuable customer support benefits:

Scitent’s expertise in providing and managing the customer support function for your online learning business will free up your team to focus on the tasks they are most qualified to complete and eliminate the need to staff an entirely new department.

Learner satisfaction:
Because Scitent manages the technology aspects of our partners’ online learning, we can easily loop in technical support if a learner needs additional help. This minimizes call-backs and learner frustration by turning a negative experience into a customer service win.

Last, but certainly not least, our call center staff is highly trained in the importance of the “feedback loop.” This means that any recurring issues are addressed with the appropriate department (e.g. content, finance or marketing) immediately. This real-time feedback is critical for addressing issues quickly and adjusting your content or user interface, as needed, to ensure the online learning experience is the best it can be.

For example, we received feedback from several learners requesting a more cost-effective course than was currently being offered. By working with our content development department, our partner was able to create an intro-level course that fulfilled a significant learner need while maintaining the value of the more detailed program for those that needed more.

Bottom line?
Averaging about 1,400 requests a month, Scitent’s customer support team reports 93% of our partners’ customers were “highly satisfied” with issue resolution – and satisfied learners will come back for more, keeping your online learning revenue stream healthy.

If you want to benefit from this level of customer service support, contact us today.


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