Tagoras Issues New Learning Platform Profiles

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Is your eLearning platform built for the future?

We were very pleased to see that Tagoras, a leading advisory firm to organizations in the business of lifelong learning – with a special focus on associations and other membership organizations – selected Scitent for their Learning Platform list this year.

Be sure to register on the Tagoras website to see the full profile.

Created by veteran educational entrepreneurs Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele in 2007, Tagoras focuses on helping organizations select learning platforms and develop educational strategies.

The profile reviews a range of eLearning areas, but we are happy to see that the profile calls out technology strategies that ensure an organization’s Extended Enterprise LMS is future-proof.   Areas, such as support for multitenancy, complex credit scenarios and API/xAPI/Tin Can are just a few areas explored in Scitent’s profile.

We encourage you to review our profile and see how we can ensure you grow a healthy ROI on a platform that is ideal today and designed to be flexible in the years ahead. Be sure to register on the Tagoras website to see the full profile:  www.tagoras.com/learning-platforms/scitent/

We also invite you to read an article by our CEO, Deb McMahon, on how to future-proof your learning technology. You can read it here.

To learn more about how Scitent can help you reach new audiences and generate revenue with eLearning, contact us.


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