Inspiration Driving This Year’s ASAE Annual Meeting in Toronto

by Robert Sublett, eLearning Director at Scitent

ASAE Annual Meeting 2017 - What Inspires

As Scitent gears up to attend this year’s American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual meeting (August 12-15), we reflect on the theme of “What Inspires?

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

When it comes to eLearning for associations, inspiration comes from the body of knowledge that resides within your membership and larger community. When we begin working with a new association partner, we review their valuable knowledge assets and work with association subject matter experts (SMEs) to build a learning program that sparks innovation, creativity and professional development to sustain and grow their membership.  

Inspiration As a Source of Revenue

This inspired learning experience should also be a driver of non-dues revenue for our partners. For associations, non-dues revenue streams are critical to bringing other inspirational programs to life and breaking out of confined budgets. With our unique eLearning distribution technology (PROPEL™ Extended Enterprise Distribution) and included business and marketing services, we help make that a reality.

Scitent white paper

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Dreaming Big

At Scitent, we believe in the motto “Dream Big.” Whatever drives your association should be the spark for inspired thinking. If you’re dreaming big this year, let’s talk. Meet with us at ASAE Annual in Toronto. We can help take your eLearning and make it a revenue generator for your association

Visit us at Booth 408, or schedule a meeting in the ASAE Business Connection Lounge.

We hope to see you there!


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