Brandon Hall Group Highlights Scitent as Leader in Extended Enterprise

Brandon Hall - Scitent ProfileClick to download Brandon Hall’s full Scitent Profile.

Brandon Hall Group – a leading online learning research and analysis firm – recently described Scitent as a company that brings the concept of extended enterprise to the next level. The Scitent Solution Provider Profile, published by Brandon Hall, features their insights and also highlights the unique features of Scitent’s PROPEL™ Extended Enterprise Distribution + LMS. Here are a few highlights:

Scitent’s Experience:

“There are few providers with the experience and expertise specific to the association/non-profit healthcare space as Scitent.”

Scitent’s Extended Enterprise Expertise:

“While other vendors have just recently rolled out extended enterprise offerings, it has been Scitent’s business model for 20 years.”

PROPEL’s Multi-Channel Functionality:

“Clients can use PROPEL to deliver learning through multiple channels, whether that is a customer network, an external partner’s LMS, the client’s own LMS, or even direct to internal learners.”

Scitent’s Unique Business Services:

“While other platforms may enable a company to sell and deliver learning to external parties, Scitent covers the process end to end, with premium content, marketing strategy and materials, direct sales and channel building.”

Download the full profile here.

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