Checklist: Business Support Services to Help Grow Your eLearning Revenue

By Caroline March-Long, Scitent’s VP of Sales & Marketing
and Robert Sublett, Scitent’s Director of Sales

Any organization looking to grow their eLearning business knows that it takes more than an LMS to get results. Your learning platform is the just the starting point – the center gear in your eLearning machine. So, what are the key business support components you need to add in order to build significant eLearning revenue streams? Here’s a quick checklist to get you going:

  • ☐ Learning Call Center
    As you build your business, your learners will expect support and guidance on accessing and completing their online courses. A dedicated call center can help learners register, access a course they’ve already purchased and troubleshoot a range of other issues. Your call center should also be poised to capture learner feedback, so updates can be made to your courses as soon as they are identified.
  • ☐ Sales/Business Development
    Make sure to have a business plan in place before you launch your eLearning program. This includes everything from identifying target audiences/purchasers to developing a pricing strategy and allowing for group/bulk discounts to partner incentives and revenue goals.
  • ☐ Marketing
    Your business approach should include a marketing plan identifying goals, strategies and objectives. Critical to this plan is targeted messaging to connect with potential learners based on their needs. From there, you’ll need to identify the channels and tactics to make your plan work: SEO, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media and PR, just to name a few.
  • ☐ Financial Services and Reporting
    To monetize your eLearning business, you should develop bulk pricing, affiliate and reseller incentives. This means you need to be ready to process payments (globally and domestically), handle group discounts and reconcile finances for monthly reporting by product.
  • ☐ Web Portal Development
    Do you have a plan to develop and easily maintain the “public face” of your eLearning portal? It’s easy to take web design for granted, but it’s crucial to optimizing sales. Your user experience must feel seamless to site visitors and should be designed to efficiently lead them to course purchases.

Is your organization ready with these critical business services to reach, sell to and support new learners? Or, do you need to enlist a partner to fill in gaps in your staffing or in-house capabilities? Contact us to learn how we can help.

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