Google Releases New Tools to Help Digital Marketers

by Paul Easton, Senior Digital Marketer at Scitent

Google has come out with a series of tools and techniques to not only boost ad conversions, but also allow you to quickly assess and optimize your digital ads on the fly. The changes make it easier for you to reach your target audience, present the right message at the right time, and provide a great user experience – all of which will increase leads, conversions and ROI.

Here is how these changes will help you and your customers:

  1. In-market Audiences Now Available in Search
    This helps you find prospects who are nearing the end of their buying cycle. Through complex algorithms and the culmination of search query data and activity analysis, Google can now identify these lucrative subsets of your target demographics.
  2. Google Surveys 360
    Google has made A/B testing easier by giving you the ability to get feedback from customers. You can ask questions like why someone clicked on your ad and why someone chose to reach out to your brand over others. This will provide invaluable direct insight into what’s working in your campaigns and what isn’t.
  3. AMP Ads and Landing Pages
    According to Google, every additional second your landing page takes to load represents a 20% dip in conversion rate. With this in mind, don’t you want the fastest loading ad and landing page? AMP (accelerated mobile pages) landing pages are Google’s answer to improving page speed, as well as introducing display ads for AMP pages. These load up to five seconds faster than regular display ads.
  4. Google Optimize Integration
    This now integrates with AdWords giving you more agility in landing page testing. Per Google, with the Optimize and AdWords integration, you can quickly and easily create new variants of your landing pages and then apply them to any combination of AdWords campaigns with no coding required.
  5. Google Attribution
    The average customer journey includes multiple digital channels, making it hard to determine the source of conversions. Google Attribution will allow you to view the true impact of digital marketing across multiple channels.
  6. Landing Page Report
    Google has included in the AdWords UI an upgraded version of the PageSpeed tool that will provide suggestions for optimizing load times and usability of landing pages.

All told, these enhancements provide your business with a keener insight into website and ad performance. Your future marketing plans will surely benefit – as will your bottom line.

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