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Part Two: The Value of Taking Your eLearning to Non-employees

By Vicky Mossman, VP of Partner Development at Scitent


In this second part of our recap of Scitent’s webinar, “Building an eLearning Business Takes More Than an LMS,” I’d like to expand on the information we provided in our last post where we detailed how to engage your “extended enterprise ecosystem.” What are the actual benefits of taking your eLearning to non-employees? Let’s explore that.

Put simply, leveraging investments in learning technology allows you to take your eLearning content to new learners outside the four walls of your business – and that means accessing new, untapped revenue and extending your brand’s reputation beyond its traditional reach.

These benefits are at the heart of extended enterprise value:

  • Generate non-dues revenue
  • Strengthen your membership value proposition
  • Bolster your brand
  • Help showcase you as a market leader in your space
  • Turn your LMS into a profit center

A successful eLearning business requires a healthy mix of tech and business support. These elements include: program management, financial services management and reporting, learner support (i.e., a call center), B2B and B2C marketing, B2B business/channel development and distribution technology.

Take a multi-channel approach

By marketing through various channels, you’ll help generate untapped revenue through your extended enterprise, driving your course offering to learners nationally – even globally. Direct sales to institutions and organizations, for instance, focuses on programs and bulk purchases. You can also build channel relationships through distributors, resellers, learning ambassadors, learning affiliates and industry partners. Finally, marketing techniques, such as email, brochures, websites, attending tradeshows and embarking on a media relations effort can also be impactful.

Feedback is essential to success

You’ll want to ensure your distribution technology has analytics available for data-driven decision making. A robust LMS will enable you to measure the quantitative and qualitative statistics, as well as analyze your learners. Use your analytics to determine growth patterns in the number of users, revenue and new markets you’ve penetrated. Also, analyze your leaners by type or role, tally the number of enrollments per course, and measure learner performance via course assessments or cumulative scores.

Plant your flag

Done properly, your extended eLearning enterprise will help your organization become the go-to source for learning content in your space. Own the conversation and make your brand synonymous with your subject matter. It’s hard to think of a better added value than that!

Want to learn more about the potential of an extended enterprise approach to your eLearning business? Contact us at Scitent.

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