Driving eLearning Revenue with Business and Learning Intelligence

By Laurent Jean-Marius, PMP, CSM, ITIL(F), Director of IT & Product Development at Scitent


Are you certain your eLearning program is learner-centered and value-driven? Both aspects are essential to a successful program. One way to maximize the return on your eLearning investment is to ensure your LMS platform offers powerful analytics for both content and business decisions.


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Business analytics enable your organization to evaluate trends and make informed decisions, so you can leverage your eLearning content to drive increased revenue. Two essential ingredients: real-time access to the data and a streamlined, accessible and customizable dashboard that centralizes critical information.

For example, business analytics may show an organization that eLearning traffic is heavier in Q1 versus Q4. Or, perhaps data shows that eLearning sales were higher last year. Armed with this information, executives can make knowledgeable decisions about which content to roll out and when.

The other side of the coin is learning analytics. Collecting, measuring, analyzing and reporting data about learner behavior helps you optimize your learning environment. Learning analytics enable you to make better decisions about existing and upcoming courses based on how people interact with current content.

An LMS with robust reporting capabilities, for instance, will show you not only how many people took a specific course. It will also show you the completion rates for your courses and the amount of time spent on each one. Your data might indicate that learners spend more time on the video portions of your course than those sections that are text-heavy. Consequently, as you develop new courses, you may want to include more video and fewer text-only sections. This is just one of many scenarios where analytics can make the difference between a “gut” decision and one that’s driven by observable, quantifiable behavior.

Ideally, your platform will allow you to drill down by topic or learning objective so you can see how different segments vary from the group at large. Learner participation in forums and activity threads may also provide insight to help direct your efforts moving forward. Rich behavioral data and feedback like these will go a long way toward supporting informed decisions as you evolve and grow your eLearning business.

In short, superior analytics help assure that you provide the best possible content and experience to the right audience. To find out how Scitent’s PROPEL™ platform can help bring analytical depth to your eLearning decisions, contact us at marketing@scitent.com, or call 844-571-4837.

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