LMS Vendor Saturation Opens Up the Door for Specialists

By Caroline March-Long, VP of Sales and Marketing at Scitent

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Recently, John Leh of Talented Learning, a news, research and consulting organization dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of extended enterprise learning tech solutions, posted an article discussing the evolution of the Learning Management System (LMS) space.

As an innovator in the field, we were pleased to see that Scitent was identified as a “Noteworthy Example” of an LMS specialist.

As the number of learning platforms has grown by leaps and bounds – with more than 650 currently on the market – organizations are faced with a dizzying array of choices. Sometimes, under pressure to select an LMS platform, the decision is based on a list of general requirements, or just price, but this kind of decision warrants a bit more consideration. Who are the market leaders? Who are the innovators, pushing to optimize the user experience and ROI of an LMS investment?

Scitent appreciates Mr. Leh’s look at the growing sophistication in the LMS market – and his description of a group of LMS specialists, as he calls them. Here’s an excerpt from his article:

“These days, the aim is to provide the best solution in a well-defined niche. … Although old-school generalists are still on the scene, I find that the most exciting innovation is coming from this new breed of learning technology specialists. These LMS specialists tend to leverage their founders’ unique experience and industry expertise to develop tailored solutions that address fewer problems, but with a high level of efficiency and creativity.

While a one-size-fits-all LMS may seem appealing in terms of its potential to adapt to various requirements, finding a perfect fit with an LMS that is designed for your specific needs offers undeniable business value.”

What is Scitent’s specialty?

Several years ago, Scitent recognized that the LMS would become more of a commodity, and that it would be a platform for serving up courses, but not necessarily for growing revenue.

That’s why we focused on building an eLearning business featuring a unique distribution technology that grows revenue through wider distribution of content. We also added essential services that support growth, such as business development, sales and marketing, financial services and reporting, call center and project management, providing our clients with a more complete solution.

Or, as Mr. Leh describes us:

“Scitent has a zest for helping healthcare associations and non-profits sell their courses through distributed channel reseller networks. Many healthcare associations sell their continuing education content to their members and potential members. The next step of ecommerce sophistication is to resell content to relevant international associations that, in turn, sell to their individual and corporate members. Scitent manages the whole networked business. In addition to a strong organization and ecommerce-enabled learning management technology, Scitent provides the services clients need to analyze market demand, design and create courses, and provide sales, marketing and customer support.”

Want to learn more about our innovative solutions? You can start by exploring our products more closely or, better yet request a demo and we’ll find the approach that’s right for you.

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