About Scitent

About Scitent

Scitent was founded in 1995 to bring compelling, relevant multimedia education to market and, in fact, Scitent created one of the first websites, CardioVillage, that provided online continuing education for healthcare providers.

Based in Charlottesville, Va., Scitent helps nonprofits, associations, healthcare organizations and for-profit organizations foster and grow their eLearning business with in-house expertise in sales and marketing, course distribution, instructional design and courseware development, LMS technology, eCommerce and customer support.

This year we celebrate 20 years in eLearning…..and look forward to many more helping our customers build successful eLearning businesses.

Meet Our Teams

Scitent’s 4Ds of eLearning informs how we work with our customers. We believe every successful eLearning business goes through four key stages. And, at Scitent, we can help you learn about one or all of these critical steps.

The 4Ds of eLearning
The Scitent Dream Team

Dream big with Scitent’s DREAM Leadership Team. Vicky Mossman, VP Business Development, President and CEO Deb McMahon, and COO Linda Coogle map out your vision at the outset, so your eLearning program can evolve and you can attain your ultimate dream.

The Scitent Design Team

Bring your content to life with Scitent’s DESIGN team. We create compelling and highly interactive courses available for delivery on multiple platforms for a customized – and compelling – learning experience.

The Scitent Deliver Team

Reach your learners the world over with Scitent’s DELIVER team. This is where the latest learning technologies come together with robust SEO, social media and eCommerce tools for eLearning that wows – and sells.

The Scitent Distribute Team

The sky’s the limit with Scitent’s DISTRIBUTE team. Our sales and marketing, customer support, finance and analytics experts help grow and manage your eLearning business.